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The developers behind Pokemon Go are trying to recreate their success in world of Magic this time. Harry Potter Go or Harry Potter Wizards Unite is second AR game from this studio. This guide shows how to do location spoofing on Harry Potter Wizards Unite Android. In simple words, this means that you can just fake your current location in-game. Move around the world without ever leaving the couch!

The main objective of this game is pretty similar to Pokemon Go. Instead of small cute creatures, we have to capture the artifacts, magical items and dangerous magical creatures that have escaped into muggle world. Every wizard and witch is aware of the fact that protecting this secret is more important that anything else for them. Therefore, the higher authorities are assigning this top secret cleaning mission to young wizards like yourself. At start of the game, register yourself with the ministry of magic and start cleaning the streets!


In order to complete a mission or capture a creature, you need to get out into the streets and look for magic traces. These traces lead to the portals where main prize lies. When you get there, experience 360 degree views in Augmented reality. Moreover, learn the most powerful and unique spells to beat this creatures and send them back to Hogwarts. 

In addition to regular capturing, you can take part in brewing powerful potions and just regular exploring and levelling up. 

Another cool thing that if offers, is multiplayer and single player duel with other wizards in Harry Potter Go AR world. Therefore, it is certainly not going to get boring after a certain time. You can see other wizards and witches in the virtual map shown on game screen. Go to them and challenge them to magical duels. There is a certain degree of fun and satisfaction in this.


This guide is about how to fake location in Harry Potter Wizards Unite on Android. Note that location spoofing is punishable by temporary ban. If someone is caught doing this multiple times, then their account may get banned permanently. Therefore, we need to warn you that it’s not entirely risk-free. Yes, it does give a headstart but it may come with a price. Therefore, attempt it at your own risk.

Guide to fake GPS location on Harry Potter Wizards Unite (Location Spoofing)

Use this guide to fake your GPS location and movement on Harry Potter Wizards Unite Go game.

  1. Download and install Fake GPS Go app from Play Store.

    There are countless number of GPS location mocking applications on Play Store. It is a developer feature for Android afterall. We are using this app and you can download it to your Android device as well.fake location on harry potter wizards unite

  2. Go to Settings > About phone > tap on Build number 7 times. This will unlock developer options.

    We need to unlock these settings since this is where we can assign an app for location mocking service in Android.

  3. Scroll down and tap on “select mock location app” and choose Fake GPS Go or any other apps that you’ve installed.

    Now this app will be used by default whenever you want to fake the location on Harry Potter Wizards Unite game.location spoofing harry potter wizards unite

  4. Open Fake GPS Go app, turn on location from notification bar and enable the joystick with initial point.

    When you open the Fake GPS Go, it will show the map from a generic location. Tap on locator button on tap to take it to your current location. Then tap on the plus icon in bottom right of screen. Select “joystick” from here and then tap anywhere on the map to choose initial or starting point.fake gps location harry potter wizards unite

  5. Change the velocity of movement with joystick in settings or change your mode of travel as walking, driving or cycling.

    If you select walking as default mode of travel on joystick, it is painfully slow. Therefore, choose car for when you want to move faster.

  6. After enabling joystick, open Harry Potter Wizards Unite and allow GPS app to draw over other apps (if asked).

    A small joystick will now show up on the bottom right of screen. When you move it, your character on game will move as well. You may change the location of joystick as well.

  7. That’s it! Now you can fake location on Harry Potter Wizards unite!

    When you move the joystick, the game thinks that you’re actually going somewhere. This is called location spoofing on Harry Potter Wizards Unite.


The key target of this game is to get you out in the streets and mix gaming with real-life movement. This could actually prove to be healthy with all the walking involved. However, some just like sit back and play in a relaxed mode. Therefore, this guide comprehensively sums up how to play Harry Potter Wizards Unite from home by faking GPS location (Location spoofing / mock location). You don’t need to take even a single step and yet enjoy all the features of game.

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  1. I cant take energies from inns and cant enter the fortress, but it spoofs okay. It always said error, return to map.help

  2. This briefly, for 1-2 minutes, give the appearance on the map, but doesnt show the inns, greenhouses , fortresses and such the game has at those locations. If I can’t interact like I’m there, it’s a Spoiled Spoof.


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