Harry Potter Wizards Unite Location Spoofing iOS [No Jailbreak – iOS Joystick]


Learn how to do location spoofing on Harry Potter Wizards Unite iOS version. This works for both iPhone and iPad. What is actually does is, allow you to fake GPS location and movement in-game. Therefore, you don’t have to go anywhere in order to play the game. And the best part? It works without jailbreak


A lot of dangerous magical creatures escaped into the muggle world. To add fuel to the fire, a lot of magical items and artifacts are also appearing around the world. This is an alarming situation. If not taken care of properly, then the best kept secret of world of magic would be out! It could prove to be catastrophic for witches and wizards’ population. Therefore, the statue of secrecy are appointing young and ambitious wizards like you to save Hogwarts basically! 

In order to track down a magical item, look for magical traces in your Augmented reality. Follow the traces and reach actual position of these items. Use powerful spells to cast these items back to magical world through portals. However, the counters with ‘creatures’ are not as simple. You need to fight these creatures and overpower them to send them back. Therefore, keep trying to learn better spells, brew potions and even make friends to help in these fights.

Either play as co-op to complete difficult tasks or take part in multiplayer duels of wizards. Unlike Pokemon Go, there’s actually a point for collecting and learning all of these spells. You can actually test you characters’ skill level against other players in real-life.


Location spoofing is highly discouraged by developers. If anyone is caught doing it, they may be banned for 1 week. If same player is caught faking location again and again, the ban may turn permanent. Therefore, always be careful with this and more importantly, do it at your own risk.

What is iOS Joystick & how does Location spoofing for Harry Potter Wizards Unite work?

The main interface of this game shows your in-game character on the map. Naturtally, the character would move only when you move in real-life. However, in this case, you just move the joystick just like any other virtual game. The game thinks that you are actually moving in real-life. This is the main purpose of joystick. The location spoofing fakes device’s GPS coordinates and feeds them to the game. Therefore, according to game logic, you’re out in the streets looking for magical creatures and artifacts.

Guide to fake GPS location movement on Harry Potter Wizards Unite (GPS Location Spoofing in real-time)

Learn how to play Harry Potter Wizards unite without actually going outside! Location Spoofing / Fake GPS Location movement on iPhone and iPad.

  1. Open Safari browser on your iOS device and enter “Appinject.co” in address bar.

    This site contains the necessary tools to install iOS GPS joystick.

  2. Scroll down and tap on “Harry Potter Wizards Unite” icon.

    If your app is not cracked already, then it will show the prompt.

  3. Tap on “Get Started” and let it install two apps. These could be any apps of your choice.

    These are like ads. You have to launch the apps or games at least once before deleting them.

  4. Now delete both apps downloaded in last step. It is necessary to tweak HPWU.

    The main Harry Potter game is now tweaked.

  5. At this step, teleporter, location spoofer and joystick are activated on your iPhone or iPad.

    These are the three main tools that help you move around the game-world without actually going out.fake gps location harry potter wizards unite iphone ipad

  6. Launch Harry Potter game. Press and hold one finger on screen to enable joystick.

    This joystick now allows you to move around the HP Wizards Unite world as if you were actually walking, driving or cycling. location spoofing harry potter wizards unite ios

  7. That’s it! Now use the joystick to move your character around the world and complete challenges!

    It was pretty simple to location spoof Harry Potter Wizards Unite on iOS, wasn’t it? Well, now play it from home anytime.


This guide fully explains how to play Harry Potter Wizards United without moving actually. This is termed as Location Spoofing, Fake GPS Movement, Fake Location, Mock GPS location etc. In order to make it easier, the iOS joystick works just like any other game’s tool to make the character move. Try this and let us know about your personal experience.

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