How to download Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10 PC


Hugely popular shooting PvP game Call of Duty Mobile version is now available for download on PC. It is a direct adaptation of original computer version of this game. However, quite a few changes are made in this version to make it more playable on small devices. However, just like PUBG Mobile, we are going to learn how to download and play Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10 PC. This guide works for older versions too.

download call of duty mobile for windows 10 pc

Gameplay Features

Fans of this series would be delighted to know that COD Mobile also features modes like death match, direct PvP, kills count and stuff like that. The company behind this game is also promising to deliver a especially curated COD Mobile Battle Royale game mode.

We have already experience the battle royale mode for COD PC version. It would be interesting to see how it transitions into the mobile version.

There’s one gameplay mechanic that really took us by surprise! The shooting system in this game is totally unexpected. In all shooting games, we expect to have a dedicated button for it. Simple steps. Point the gun at a player and then press shoot button. It tests the general accuracy of players. However, COD Mobile does not have a dedicated shoot button. When you point the gun at enemies, the shooting begins automatically. 


This is something we are really happy about. The team behind thsi game made sure that it looks stunning as always. The game feels smooth and crisp. It pays attention to small details. Overall, the game looks and feels pretty great.

How to install Call of Duty Mobile on PC Windows 10

Since it is a mobile version, there is not direct method to play it like that yet. However, we can use Android emulators for it. The best option right now is Bluestacks 4. It offers specialized controls for games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile PC and others from this genre. Players are free to map their own keys and controls to main game.

This is an amazing game and it works well with mouse and keyboard. However, for the best keymapping, use Bluestacks only. Follow the steps below to download and install Call of Duty Mobile on Windows 10 PC.

  • COD Mobile obb File – DOWNLOAD
  • Put both of these files anywhere on your PC.
  • Now go ahead and install Bluestacks 4 from HERE.
  • Once it is installed, double-click on the downloaded APK and select Bluestacks 4 as preferred app for it.
  • The APK will install automatically.
  • Once it is done, open Bluestacks and copy the obb file zip to Bluestacks storage.
  • Open any file manager inside it and unzip the contents of zip into root/Android/obb. The folder name should be com.activision.callofduty.shooter”.
  • Once file is fully copied, install any VPN on your emulator. You can find a suitable one for yourself HERE.
  • Launch the VPN and select “India” as its server location.
  • Once all of it is done, launch Call of Duty Mobile on your PC. Access it through main app drawer of Bluestacks.
  • If the game does not launch at first attempt, try again. 
  • Change the server location inside India if network error pops up.
  • Also check the location of obb file and folder in case the game just keeps crashing. If directory is not right, the game won’t launch.
  • After all things are taken care of, you should be up and playing COD Mobile on Windows 10 PC by then.


The mobile version of this amazing franchise is nothing to forget about. It comes with great promises and therefore out hopes are high for it. Games like PUBG and other survival games really show the potential for these. Follow the simple steps above and play COD Mobile on PC with Windows 10 or even older versions.

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